Ralph, Erica and Ralph IV are proud to live in Southwest Atlanta and contribute to the goals and challenges of our city. Ralph uses his interior design degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta as a complement to his successful real estate firm, The District Realty. Erica is an Atlanta native, graduate of Douglass High School, licensed attorney and employee of Atlanta Public Schools. Ralph IV is a teenager and high-achieving student at their neighborhood school, Jean Childs Young Middle School. The Longs are active members of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

As a member of the City Council, Ralph will fight for the soul of Atlanta. He will fight for the safety of everyone who lives, works and plays in our city. Ralph will fight tirelessly for the interests of working people, including low-income people who have been shut off from the opportunities of Atlanta. As your City Councilperson, Ralph will fight to design city infrastructure that better suits our needs. Ralph will fight for senior citizens by strengthening our commitments to them. Ralph will work as a City Councilperson who fights for small business owners and the jobs they create.

Ralph A. Long, III is a lifelong Atlantan - a husband, father, real estate broker and neighbor committed to fighting for the soul of Atlanta. Ralph comes from a family that taught him early in life the importance of giving back to the community by working and fighting for the interests of people. Throughout his life, Ralph has been surrounded by public school educators, community leaders and public officials who understand that Atlanta will only live up to its highest potential when everyone in the city has meaningful opportunities to grow and thrive. As a former Democratic State Representative, Ralph was honored to fight for the interests of Atlanta while serving two terms in the Georgia General Assembly. He would be proud to serve our city again as a member of the Atlanta City Council, Post 3 At-Large.

About Ralph A. Long III

Vote for Ralph Long for Atlanta City Council, Post 3 At-Large and give him the chance to fight for the soul of Atlanta.